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Animal Communication Course (online version) (EC110276)

online course
Although animal communication is a natural ability possessed by all, but rediscovering this ability and learning the way to understand animals. This distance learning course enables students to learn the way to connect and hear their language in a totally new manner. In this way, communicating with animals can help you learn about their health, emotional and environmental problems.
Animal’s physical and psychological welfare is largely dependent on the role its caretaker plays. This online course enables the students to learn how to talk and connect with animals. It also helps them learn the ways to use the information that can help the animal.
All the animals realise that they are living such a world, where they can not communicate their wants and needs to their owner. Hence, by learning the ways to understand the signs of animals, we can also understand the cause of their unwanted behaviour, health problems and other issues.

This Course is also available in workbook version

  1. Course Syllabus
  2. Qualifications
  3. Study Options
  4. Benefits
  5. Related Courses
  6. Further Info
Total Course Duration: 80 Hours
  1. Introduction.
    • Define Animal Communication
  2. Training the Mind.
    • Summarise how it is possible to learn to train our brain to react and correspond to a desired state in order to control our own brain activity and therefore our focus.
  3. The Animal/Human Psychology Connection.
    • Examine the Animal/Human Psychology Connection
  4. All thought is Energy.
    • Explain the energy dynamics involved in communicating with animals
  5. Body Scanning.
    • Discuss what Body Scanning is and what it is used for
  6. Behaviour Problems.
    • Examine why animals display behaviour problems
  7. Ethics and Legalities.
    • Review the Ethics and Legalities involved in Animal Communication
  8. The Animal's Life Path.
    • Describe in your own words the animals life path/journey