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Airline & Airport Passenger Service Agents (workbook version) (EC110324)

online course
This distance learning program aims at developing the skills within the students that enable them to work efficiently in the environment of the aviation passenger service agent. Furthermore, the secondary aim of this course is to help students gain practical skills that enhance their employability in the air transport industry.
Target Audience:
The course is suitable for anyone, who either wants to make their carrier in the air travel industry or is presently employed in the same industry.
After the completion of this workbook course, students will be able to:
  • Comprehend the completely different operating environment and needs of the staff involved in passenger service occupations
  • Analyse the skills and characteristics that are required to be a perfect passenger service agent
  • Manifest the knowledge of the verbal skills and industry knowledge that are essential for the passenger service agents
  • Evince the mastery of the written skills and standards that are indispensable for passenger service agents
  • Outline the requisite characteristic and equipment that are confronted in the environment of passenger service agent
  • Define the guidelines of the service that are needed of passenger service operatives

This course is also available in Online Version
  1. Course Syllabus
  2. Qualifications
  3. Study Options
  4. Benefits
  5. Related Courses
  6. Further Info
Total Course Duration: 80 Hours
  1. Unit One:
    • Time Management, Suitability & Airline & Airport Preparation Standards
    • Use time effectively and plan appropriately
    • Understand the airline requirements for new airline or airport PSA's
    • Understand the Assessment procedures used for aviation PSA's
    • Identify the characteristics of working effectively in an aviation PSA team
  2. Unit Two
    • Introduction to Verbal Airline & Airport PSA Standards
    • Complete and read effectively a P.A. script, memorising key features
    • Identify correct techniques for using the P.A. system
    • Identify correct answers to airline jargon terms
    • Prepare for an effective self introduction
  3. Unit Three
    • Introduction to Written Airline & Airport PSA Standards
    • Locate necessary and relevant information for research
    • Carry out a research activity on a UK airline and present it effectively
    • Completing a standard airline style test
    • Complete a standard airline style application form
  4. Unit Four
    • Introduction to Effective Airline & Airport Service Standards
    • Identify the key feature of the layout of a typical airport
    • Identify relevant equipment and its use for a practical check-in scenario
    • Prepare for situations requiring effective PSA service
    • Apply airline & airport service to passenger needs and requests