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Developing Self Esteem (online version) (EC111064)

online course
developing-self-esteemIndividuals may find it difficult to discover their own path through life and walk along it in a manner which is comfortable. Besides, these individuals find it more difficult to accept the need for changes. The aim of this online course is to make students aware of numerous ways with which the negative attitudes and destructive thought processes can be effectively dealt. Moreover, this courseware acquaints students with several ways with which individuals can enjoy fresh beginnings in the life's journey.

This course is also available in Workbook Version

  1. Course Syllabus
  2. Qualifications
  3. Study Options
  4. Benefits
  5. Related Courses
  6. Further Info
Total Course Duration: 60 Hours
  1. Achieving A Balanced Lifestyle.
    • Introduce how the holistic approach to self-improvement addresses the entire person
    • Examine the implications of the holistic approach
    • Compare differences between self-esteem and self-confidence
    • Summarise what results when we are permitted to feel worthless
  2. Nurturing Yourself.
    • Discuss how loving yourself is important in developing self-esteem
    • Analyse you understanding of ‘self love’
    • Define what attitude patterns are related to
    • Describe the results of constantly emphasising negative information at ourselves
  3. Dealing with Feelings.
    • Analyse ways in which to cope with conflicting emotions
    • Examine what is considered to be a suitable way of finding our own direction
    • Summarise the term ‘spontaneous communication of feelings’
    • Identify what should be simple, appropriate, honest and specific
    • Discuss the importance of facial expression and body language in communication
  4. Being Clear.
    • Examine how healthier methods of communication are essential to self-improvement
    • Introduce 3 listening skills to improve communication techniques
    • Summarise the meaning of ‘empathy’
    • Evaluate 3 methods of conveying extra verbal and nonverbal messages
  5. Exploring Dimensions of Intimacy.
    • Introduce and explain the different types and levels of intimacy
    • Explain what is required of a person to experience real intimacy
    • Identify what restricts intimacy developing in a relationship
    • Summarise the definition of:
      • Friendship
      • Marriage
  6. A New Beginning.
    • Analyse further concepts of self-improvement
    • Examine the reasons behind maintaining poor weight control
    • Evaluate how this problem should be addressed correctly
    • Summarise how a person should be directed, where spirituality is concerned